Spirit of wood

Sculptures by Kazuyoshi Tlacaelel.

  Kazuyoshi Tlacaelel

Building an ainu canoe with a tree that is about one thausand years old by the shores of the Royal Roads University in Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada.
For the people that like to observe things

There are many people in this world, a lot of them are not here anymore but were amazingly beautiful containers of beauty and wisdom, some of them were remembered, but some others aren't in fact for some particular cases we would never find out, even if their lives were simple, they knew something we don't and that is sadly lost.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, gifted with presents like stars and flowers. I felt like I should be thankful and give something back to this world. Something to give a meaning to life, and make sure some of my personal thoughs and expresion can be apreciated by other people long after am gone.

My pieces are not for sale, while I've sold a few. I don't like to sell. This is because for me they are like a treasure. I can always obtain more money but I would never find another piece like the one I made. Each one of them are unique in this world and that is what makes them special.

Funny enough it is painful for me to sell them and see them go away knowing that I would never see them again, but when I've had an opportunity to give them away as gifts I feel an enormous feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

For me is not just about to carve them out of wood, it is a work into putting feelings and thought into each one of them.

Hopefully someday after am gone, someone would look at them and think about what I was thinking and smile.

I hope you like them :)

Mask of a woman and a bear, two symbols of protections according to the canadian first nations.
Carved out of Alder Wood by Kazuyoshi Tlacaelel.